Update to the Pareto principle in group work

Reading through the post again, there seem to be some questions that could be raised.

For example, if it took 5 people to complete 1 month’s worth of work, is it possible that, if the tasks were rearranged amongst the group, each team member will only work 20% of the time for an entire month? In other words, is it possible that the group of 5 can complete the month’s worth of work in 1/5 of the time (or less than 1 week) at 100% capacity?

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Getting input

Today I received significant input for the grant proposal. Although I addressed the criteria for the most part, there could still be improvement. I did not give specific examples of how something could be done where it would have been appropriate; instead, I just implicitly answered part of the question rather than explicitly answering the whole thing.

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I love getting extensions on due dates, especially when I didn’t have to ask for it. It gives me more time to work on the assignment!