End of the busiest month

This week marked the end of the busiest month I’ve had so far.

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Today we had a pretty heated discussion about publishing scientific work. Everyone pretty much had an opinion on this, including me.

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Coming down from a high

After submitting yesterday, today felt strange. I knew I had other grant proposals to write, but I couldn’t bring myself to start on any. Which is strange because I love starting things. I think it’s the prospect of going through the same process over again, without having had a final reflection on how I did things well and what to do differently. I have the end result, which is all well and good, but I need to be able to replicate the process, and for a much bigger piece of work.

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Almost there

The grant proposal is due tomorrow. It’s really close now, I have sent it to a few people around the University for feedback and they were all positive at this stage. Now the two project leaders will make last minute changes and take a final look to ensure it is all OK for submission.¬†Tomorrow will make it 2 weeks ¬†since we started on the proposal.

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Getting sick

I think I caught a cold from a colleague last Friday, though it didn’t affect me as much as it did him, perhaps because I started taking Strepsils (an antibacterial lozenge) yesterday morning. And I slept most of the day today, getting woken up by a sore throat every once in a while. Had some salty chicken noodle cup-a-soup, that helped too.

Writing all that made me wonder which household cures will be lauded, or which will be laughed at, in 100 years’ time.

Final proofs for our latest manuscript

Just received word that our latest scientific paper will be made available online in 24 hours. It was a long process to get here: a year and a day between submission and acceptance, and 1.5 months before it was available online. Even before submission, it was part of my PhD thesis by publication, included as an unpublished manuscript in draft form. But now, the final proofs have gone through production, and will be available online for several months before being printed on paper.

I’m quite happy about this outcome, as this publication is the basis for at least one more manuscript. The next manuscript in this series is being written by one of my PhD co-supervisors, who is now living and working in the UK. That manuscript will be an extension of the investigation performed in this manuscript, and we will try for a much higher-impact journal this time.