Shooting for a tv spot

Monday was the first time I was highly involved in shooting for a tv spot for a conference overseas.

My role was to show the interviewer and the cameraman around the campus, so they don’t get lost in between interviews. It was quite a fun experience, but rather tiring. Not only was it an ambitious schedule, but it also changed all the time. I ended up calling the interviewees for the second half of the day at least twice, and I completely forgot about the labs that were scheduled to be filmed for that day. I think we managed to keep the interviewees happy but the people looking after the labs were not so happy – apparently they waited during their scheduled time and more, until it was time to go home. I felt pretty bad about that, but hopefully we can get some footage on another day, and hopefully they won’t be negatively affected by the experience yesterday.

Now we wait for the full tv spot that will be shown during this conference, and for the full footage that will be given to us afterwards. I hope it goes well, and it shows the University in a good light. Yesterday was a sunny day after all.


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