A li’l ill

“I’ll only check my emails today,” I told my mum. That ended up becoming a whole-day affair.

For a while, I haven’t been sick enough to stay home, until yesterday… but that didn’t stop me from checking emails. Emails and messaging tools are great: they allow me to have conversations even when I’m coughing my head off. That’s not to say that I’ll check my emails every time I’m sick.

I still remember the days before mobile phones and email became prevalent. We had to organise our meeting place and time, hours or days in advance. If someone didn’t show up on time, we’d wait for them anyway just in case they were late. If I became sick, I’d either tough it out at school or stay at home. My boyfriend and I would spend hours on the phone, but most of it was silent as he’d be playing video games at the same time.

I can’t imagine my working life without email. I started full-time work 10 years ago with a high-tech company, where all employees had email. Back then, I couldn’t access it at home. Now I can access my email via an email client on my laptop, a web browser, or my mobile phone.

I can, however, imagine life when emails were far fewer. That was before my current role, which started almost 4 months ago, and is now quite close to finishing. I wonder if I’ll still get the same number of emails, or if this is the peak?


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