Talking to people is refreshing, unless there’s so much of it that I can drown.

I don’t know how my boss does it, talking to people almost every minute of every day. I would forget what I am meant to do. Plus it’s exhausting.

What’s more exhausting to me is wondering whether people are laughing at me behind my back. Anger I can deal with, nonchalance too, but what really gets at me is contempt. And it’s the kind that’s talked about behind my back (or even in front of my face, when they think I can’t tell  what they’re referring to), is what  gets on my nerves.

Am I a coward, for not facing these people? Perhaps, but I don’t like closing professional doors. I know for a fact that if they’re told something they don’t like, they’ll shut the door themselves, with too much hurt pride to open it up again later.


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