New level of busy

I can’t believe how non-stop it was last week. I recovered over the weekend by sleeping.

I am grateful for weekends, I get to wake up whenever I want, do whatever I want: a mini-holiday 52 times a year.

This week I was trying to juggle 5 big projects (organising a small workshop, research for a new program of study, starting a new software project, starting some new summer scholarships, getting a small video organised) along with several small ones (new office space planning, reading a colleague’s manuscript for submission, getting a budget approved, applying for more compute time). The work for each was not too bad, but combining them all at the same time can be stressful.

I look back at my things to do and I see how it has evolved the more information I get. At times I find out about a deadline just a few days prior. Other times I add items to the list, or I delete them when no longer necessary. I wonder how some people get an enormous amount of things done – do they add more hours to their working day, encroaching into their personal time, like I do? Or are they more efficient than I am?

My pattern of working seems to be, when I need to wait for something from someone else, I go off and do something else. I feel like I’m reacting rather than being proactive. My mum gave me good advice, to plan my projects at a glance. There’s a relatively painless way to do it too, I wonder if there’s an app in it?


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