New program

We have proposed a new program of study.

It will be either a short or long road to get there, depending on whether we get it accepted the whole way through, without any hiccups.

The first hurdle was getting an Expression of Interest written in the space of a week. The next hurdle will be to get a full proposal ready in the space of a month.

The timespans are so short because we want this course offered for 2014, and the last dates to get documents through are mid-October of 2012. If we miss these deadlines, the course won’t start until at least 2015.

There are other things happening now though.

We will find out in October whether one of our Expression of Interest for one of the grants is successful, then if so we’ll need to work on the full proposal until December 2012.

There is one pretty big project that is happening now as well. It’s a software development project that will last approximately 18 months, and I’m the project manager.

All of these things are pretty high priority. However I won’t be doing this forever, I hope. The outcomes for the grant that I applied for near the beginning of this year will come out in November, to start in 2013. If I am successful in this grant, I shall start my own project for the following 3 years. Actually I find this a little daunting, the responsibility of it.


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