Revisiting starting things

My job has turned into a start-fest.

After a small group meeting with my boss’ boss’ boss, it’s been a flurry of activity. There are several things that need to be started, but before they can be, they need to be well-researched.

So my job has become looking things up, making lists, listing things in a standard format, creating document templates to be filled in later. The lists are the most important parts, because they will become To Do lists. I’m juggling several things at once, which means I have my choice of task to do during the day. I should probably prioritise the tasks though.

Some examples of things I am helping with are proposals and curricula. There is a lot involved in these things, not just writing them, but the administrative things like organising meetings and collating information from several sources.

So it’s been quite a major step away from my primary research, but I still use similar skills. Fortunately.


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