Organising meetings can be fun.

Fun, because I got to talk to people I normally wouldn’t have had a chance to talk to. There’s a feeling of satisfaction when I find at least one spot where all attendees are available. There were only around 4-5 people that I had to organise for, and I can see how things can get out of control especially if the group was bigger, and all were required attendees. It’s nice to see calendar entries pop up where it was empty before. And, once the meeting is complete, it’s nice to make a summary of what was discussed.

Maybe one day meetings will be obsolete. Someone will look at this post and ask what a meeting is. Then they’ll look it up in a dictionary and it won’t make sense to them. The only way a meeting will become obsolete is if one of two polar opposites occur – (1) all are the same entity or part of a single being, or (2) all are isolated from each other. It’s an interesting thought, because what would humanity do then, if we cannot communicate because there’s no-one to communicate with? Would it drive us mad?


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