Data analysis and statistics lecture

This time it will be about data analysis and statistics.

I only found out about it last week, and I have to deliver the lecture in two weeks’ time from now. Fortunately I was given the freedom to simplify the notes and the assessment, as this lecture, along with the one on experimental design, was found to be the most challenging year in, year out. And it’s no surprise as it can be very mathematical and abstract.

The lecture notes that I inherited are quite comprehensive. I can understand the content just from following the notes. But that type of learning is not for everyone. There needs to be a variety of methods to mix it up a little, as my boss said today – a bit of lecturing, some printed notes, a bit of whiteboard writing. I was also thinking of having an excel spreadsheet ready to show them a way in which it can be done.

I think the challenge will come when the students ask questions. It’s one thing to have a lecture prepared, it’s another thing to understand the material enough to be able to explain it when asked a specific question. Also, reading books on this topic helps to get another viewpoint on how to explain the concepts.


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