Getting on with it

I’m not sure of what to say about the middle, except it’s more of the  same. But it’s not quite, as the more I do a task, the more efficient I get at it. And the more likely I’ll get bored with it unfortunately. Sometimes I wish I was one of those personalities that gets more involved the more I do similar things. But this blog is about starting things, not about the middle.

There is, however, a certain level of comfort about being in the middle of a task. I would have gained enough competence to do it myself, but the task is not yet finished. Yet it’s a struggle for me to write about the middle of a task. For some reason it is not exciting to me as beginnings and endings.

What can I make of the middle? Looking at wikipedia, there are 5 stages to the learning cycle: engage, explore, explain, extend, evaluate. There’s not really a stage there for “employing” what was learnt, i.e. the middle of a task. I wonder if my whole academic career is just one long chain of learning cycles, and no employment, so to speak? Is that really what employment is, just doing a job based on what was learnt previously? But some jobs require lifelong learning. Learning can become a job, where the learning cycle becomes the middle itself.


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