Almost there

The grant proposal is due tomorrow. It’s really close now, I have sent it to a few people around the University for feedback and they were all positive at this stage. Now the two project leaders will make last minute changes and take a final look to ensure it is all OK for submission. Tomorrow will make it 2 weeks  since we started on the proposal.

To sum up the principles that I used to write this grant proposal:

  1. Using the 6 w’s, I wrote a project brief which the project leads agreed to. Only then did I start writing the responses to the selection criteria.
  2. I had to figure out what level of detail to put into the responses. In this case, it was very high level, but involved 2 striking examples.
  3. The questions were deconstructed, analysed as parts, and answered as parts. I didn’t try connecting it all up at the end, as it would have been a waste of precious space.
  4. Each paragraph was discussed in full, i.e. several examples or aspects given, as much as space allowed.
  5. I listened to myself, when I felt creative or when I felt like I could do administrative tasks.
  6. I listened carefully to the input from various sources, and wrote back to ensure that I implemented the suggestions in the intended manner.
  7. I tried to answer the selection criteria as completely and as directly as I could.
  8. The sentences had to be clear, to-the-point, and punchy. I had to remove much of the qualifiers, and shorten the sentences in the end.

Once the proposal is submitted, we’ll see in a few months what the feedback will be.

There are a few other grant schemes floating around, which we’ll have a go at. I’m a bit concerned about how little time I’ll have to assign to the other proposals, but hopefully I’ll just be helping rather than trying to write the majority of them. Or at least I can make use of the 80-20 Pareto principle.


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