Getting input

Today I received significant input for the grant proposal. Although I addressed the criteria for the most part, there could still be improvement. I did not give specific examples of how something could be done where it would have been appropriate; instead, I just implicitly answered part of the question rather than explicitly answering the whole thing.

That’s the problem I find with complex, multi-part questions. I have to interpret and answer every part of it, every aspect of it. But I have been told before that it is better to give one complete, reasoned answer, than to give half-baked answers to every point of view that I think of. This is probably different to completely answering a multi-part question though. The way I answer complex questions is that I break it up into its constituent parts, and consider each part. I don’t tend to pull it all together in the end. Perhaps I should start doing so, but first I need to address each part really well.


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