Is there…

Is there such a thing as creatrivia? The creativity you have to pull out for every day tasks, such as cooking whatever’s left in the fridge, or writing a short creative piece every week, or designing a graphic for a client as a paid job?

This is how I feel at the moment, writing this grant application. I have to bring out my creative side to find 400-word answers to these questions on a form, while keeping it factual and scientific. I’m finding it difficult to find a reasonable angle to get me started. How I got unstuck for a particular question, is that I considered myself to be an end user, thought about what the project outcomes would mean to me as an everyday consumer of products, and linked it back up with the project aims.

One of my problems is that I usually write in terms of generalities, without giving specifics. For example, I would have left the previous sentence the way it was, without giving an example. I tend to be abstract in my written discussions.


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