Creative versus nitty-gritty days

There’s definitely a difference between days when I feel creative, and days when I feel like I can do nitty-gritty administrative tasks. When I feel creative, nitty gritty tasks feel like a chore, and vice versa.

This is why I like doing 80% of the work at the beginning rather than at the end. I know that there are types of work where creativity is in order, and other types where administrivia is the key. 80% gets me there, but it’s that final 20% that gives the work polish, and that takes the most amount of time.

I think that’s why I like starting things as well. I like getting 80% of the way there is the shortest amount of time, and I can usually figure out where to put that effort in to get that far ahead. But is it really 80% of the way, if the remaining 20% takes up most of the time? Maybe I’m just one of those people who like to pick the low-hanging fruit first, to make it feel like I’ve done 80% of the work fast.

I’d say that the remaining 20% take up the most time, because I am thinking about it without acting on my thoughts. I try to look at the problem at various angles, to try to find the path of least resistance, or the design that will take the least amount of work to complete. But that’s not to say I’m doing minimal work; rather I have done all of the preparation in considering multiple avenues and choosing the best path to take.


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