My house

My new house has been in my name for a day shy of 3 weeks. It didn’t need very much fixing at all, so my family was able to move in straight away. I was away in Bangalore, India for a conference when settlement happened on 2 July 2012. Luckily the people signing the contracts etc didn’t need me for that – everything I needed to do, was done before I left. I didn’t get a chance to see my house until the following week. We had the house blessing last week, with my dad’s friends. My dad loves entertaining, and having people over. It was good timing in a way, he moved in soon after his birthday. I’ve been slowly buying new furniture as well.

The previous owner was very gracious. He left the house in a very good state, there was no mess at all, and he even polished the floors for me. You can tell, even from the real estate pictures, that he is very house-proud. He kept all of the original plans and manuals that either the first house owner had left him, or that he had installed himself. When I inspected the house just before giving the deposit, he showed me around and told me the things he repaired himself, and the history of parts of the house. I think I was very lucky, not all handovers apparently go that well.

It’s a very nice house, and I hope that I am able to keep the house in as good a condition as the previous 2 sets of owners left it.


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