I started a new blog today. It’s about starting things.

Why do I love starting things? I’m sure I’m not the only person out there! I guess my love stems from my pursuit of finding something never found, explain something never explained, being able to sum up a topic. I also love reading the first chapter of non-fiction books.

There are certain things I remember from the first time I’ve done them. For example, in archery, the first thing I found out was that my left eye is dominant over my right eye, so I had to shoot left-handed (I am right-handed). First time I snow-boarded I found out I was right-footed. First time I got behind the wheel of a car during my learner’s permit, I didn’t know how to switch it on.

But there are other times where I don’t remember my first at all. I don’t remember my first lessons at any of my schools, or of the various sports I used to do. This is why I want to start this blog.


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